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Furniture plans - Mission style DIY and How-To books.
We specialize in creating digital collections of high quality books and plans for the collector and builder alike. Buying our classics on CD-rom makes sense for their compactness, easy of use, sharp details and value for your money.

By collecting, scanning and re-publishing the best in vintage Do-It-Yourself titles and plans from the past we can provide fascinating books, techniques and knowledge that may have just faded into obscurity forever if not preserved digitally.

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Vintage Military Films

The M-14 disc Unique & rare films on DVD
By scouring government archives for the unique and rarest of military films/videos, our goal is to provide low-cost, but high quality copies of films and training materials that others have missed or overlooked.

Our Hybrid titles have added features; like iPod/iPhone formatted versions of the films for mobile device viewing, and on disc PDFs of relevant Field Guide/Technical manuals.

   New Releases:

 - The Alaska Highway
  - Jeeps and DUKWS
 - GREAT BATTLES - Battle for Northern Italy
 - GREAT BATTLES - Battle for Arnhem "Operation Market Garden"
 - GREAT BATTLES - Battle for Russia
 - The DEW Line

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