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This rare DVD, not available anywhere else, contains a compilation of 4 films on Army K9 Dog Training:

-   CANINE COLLEGE (Dept. of Defense film)
With countless words being written on the Army's scientific accomplishments and its technological advancements, many otherwise intelligent citizens are inclined to smile indulgently at the idea of animals participating in our military efforts. However, the old and trusted Army dog has become a specialist -- complete with a college education.

The story follows Bendix, a recently inducted German shepherd, as he undergoes the rigorous, demanding, and character building training now expected of all canine combateers. Taking part in the narration, Private Bendix describes how he and his buddies are patiently molded into vigilant guards, tireless messengers, and loyal sentinels protecting our missile bases from trespassers. (17 min.)

-   THE BIG PICTURE: Pictorial Report Number 16 (US Army film 1950s ?)
The story of the training of a patrol team, a dog and a soldier, as they are trained at the Quartermasters Dog Training Center in Lenggreis, Germany. Filmed at a war dog training center in Bavaria. (Note: much of this footage seems to have been filmed at the same time as the above film. Many similar but different scenes are added, as well as a different voiceover track. (27 min.)

(US Air Force film)
Color film reviews sentry dog program in Vietnam circa 1968. Cites veterinarian officer's duties. Portrays sentry dog clinics, treatment rooms and kennels. Shows treatment of disease and disorders peculiar to dogs in Southeast Asia. (23 min.)

-   SCOUT DOGS (1969) (US Army film)
This film gives a detailed look at the modern-day counterparts of the K-9 Corps as they train with their handlers at Fort Gordon and Fort Benning, Georgia. Also includes what looks both training exercises and actual combat dog patrols in action in Vietnam. (28 min.)


 $5.00  Includes Shipping (within USA)