USMC Rifle Marksmanship


Every Marine is a rifleman
Since 1775 the United States Marines have had a reputation as formidable riflemen within the U.S. fighting forces. This DVD contains a wealth of infomation; videos and training texts that are core to the training of the modern U.S. rifleman:

-   Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship (USMC Training film 1999)
This official training film explains and demonstrates the proper fundamentals of aiming, breath control, and trigger control in rifle markmanship with the M16A2 rifle. These are the central skills to mastery of any firearm. (16 minutes)
-   Introduction to Basic Rifle Marksmanship (USMC 1989)
Another U.S. Marines basic markmanship training film. (18 minutes)
-   Weapons Handling : M16A2 (JVIC 1995)
Training film not unlike those industrial safety films we've all seen. This one opens with a soldier falling and shooting one of his own patrol members due to an accidental discharge. All in all, some good information though after all is said. (21 minutes)
-  iPhone & iPod formatted versions of each film above.
These are specially re-sized M4V files are easily copied to your Apple iPhone or iPod for convenient viewing anywhere !


The following official Field and Technical manuals (on the Hybrid DVD, as PDF files. Over 1500 pages in total):