The M16E1 and AR-10 DVD



The M-16 rifle family was the defining signature weapon of the US military during the later half of the twentieth century. It is currently used by 15 NATO countries and over 80 total countries worldwide. It was developed from the Armalite AR-15 rifle, and was officially issued for use by the US Air Force and US Army in 1963, after limited field trials in South Vietnam by Special Operations units in 1961-1962.

The M16 and XM16E1 are direct desendants of the Armalite AR-10 rifle designed by Eugene Stoner. When first introduced in 1956, the AR-10 used an innovative straight-line barrel/stock design with phenolic composite and forged alloy parts resulting in a small arm significantly easier to control in automatic fire and over 1 lb (0.45 kg) lighter than other infantry rifles of the day.

The AR-10 was submitted for rifle evaluation trials to the US Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground late in 1956. In comparison with competing rifle designs previously submitted for evaluation, the AR-10 was smaller, easier to fire in automatic, and much lighter. However it arrived very late in the testing cycle, and the army rejected the AR-10 in favor of the more conventional T44, which would become the M14. At the request of the U.S. military, Stoner's chief assistant, Robert Fremont and Jim Sullivan designed the AR-15 from the basic AR-10 design, scaling it down to fire the small-caliber .223 Remington cartridge


This DVD contains 3 unique videos and rare manuals for the military rifle collector :

- Rifle 5.56mm XM16E1: Operation and Cycle of Functioning (US Army film 1966)
This vintage film on the M-16 shows it's early introduction into service as the experimental XM16E1 rifle, initially with Special Forces and other special units serving in the Vietnam theater. The film demonstrates the weapon's distinctive features and general functioning of the rifle through the use of illustrative animations and detailed cut-away rifles. [20 min.]

- Fundamentals of Marksmanship (1971)
This Department of Defense training film is one of the few Army films I have seen with a quirky sense of humor, from the odd choice of operatic classical music in the introduction through the funny gags and comical bits that are no doubt designed to make soldiers pay attention to a somewhat dry training film. All the classic topics of rifle marksmanship are presented, from proper steady holds and positioning, sight alignment, zeroing and sight adjustments. [27 min.]

- The Armalite AR10 Rifle
Developed in the late 1950's this weapon preceded the AR-15/M-16 rifle. This industry promotional film by Armalite touts it's AR-10 as "the Modern Battle Rifle". It details all the various design elements and features unique to this weapon, even showing some footage of original manufacturing. Field stripping and disassembly is then demonstrated. Afterwards a series of various torture tests are shown, such as firing after removing all lubricants, after being frozen and after being buried in sand. The film even features footage of a belt-fed version being tested. And, as a note of trivia, it is said that the soldier seen firing the weapon on the beach in the opening scene is actually the rifle's inventor, Eugene Stoner. [14 min.]

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The following official Field and Technical manuals (on the Hybrid DVD, as PDF files. Over 500 pages ):