military dvds We love history.
By scouring government archives for the unique and rarest of military films/videos, our goal is to provide low-cost, but high quality copies of films and training materials that others have missed or overlooked.

Many of our titles are Hybrid DVDs; these are DVD videos that contain other data readable in your computer (PC or MAC) with additional bonus material like Apple M4V formatted movies for portable viewing on your Smartphone or Ipod. Other titles include PDF versions of manuals or related documents, or even audio files.

There are other military film suppliers out there, but you'll find our products to be both unique AND high value at low cost.

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 The Alaska Highway
How it was planned and built.
Battle of Midway



Vehicle films from WW2
 True Glory
Won 1946 Academy Award for "Best Documentary".

 OSS Training films
2 DVD set.
 The Medal of Honor



 The DEW Line
Cold War Radar defenses of the Arctic
 Great Battles - The Battle of Russia
How Russia turned the mighty German Army back...

 Great Battles - The Battle of Arnhem
Operation Market Garden
 Great Battles - The Battle for Northern Italy
The final Allied push to breach the Gothic Line



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