The M14 Rifle

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M14  and  M14A1

The M14 rifle was originally designed as the natural successor to WWII's formidable M1 Garand rifle. Numerous prototypes were developed over many years, with the key ideas being to use a smaller, but similarly powerful .30 caliber cartridge and introduce a bottom fed removable 20 round box magazine. It was eventually finalized to use the standard NATO 7.62x51mm round, and upon selection by the U.S. Armed Forces in 1957, was issued and used by both the US Army and Marines from 1959 - 1970. Over 1.5 million have been produced.

The weapon was battle tested in the jungles of Vietnam, but its wooden stock was found to be unsuited to the high humidity and moisture. Envisioned as a weapon that could replace the Garand rifle, M1 Carbine, B.A.R., and Grease gun SMG, and thus standardize supply logistics, was not to be. Official procurement ended in 1963, and in 1964 the U.S. Army began to transition to the M16 rifle as it's new standard issue rifle. The M14 would still remain in service certain missions i.e. occasional sniper usage. The USMC began using a accurized version (the Designated Marksman Rifle) and further resurgence of the M14, often as the M21 or M25 sniper system, would take place in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, due to its usefulfulness at engaging target at long range.

This DVD contains 2 unique videos and essential manuals for the rifle history buff or military rifle owner :

-   U.S. Rifle Cal. 7.62mm M-14 (US Army film 1960)
This outstanding classic overview film shows the operation and cycle of functioning of the US M14 rifle. Also covered in detail are the major design features, field stripping procedures, and demonstrations of both semi-automatic / full automatic firing.

-   The Big Picture: Commence Firing
In this film you will visit the Armory at Springfield, Massachusetts, originally established in 1794. Gunsmiths here have created the basic weapons for our fighting forces. The Armory is the small arms center of the U.S. forces. Here, are concentrated the Ordnance Corps facilities for experimental development of hand weapons, including rifles and automatic weapons--also for pilot line production. Included in "Commence Firing" is footage of the Camp Perry, Ohio World Series of Marksmanship, sponsored jointly by the National Rifle Association and the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice.

-  IPhone & IPod formatted versions of each film above.
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The following official Field and Technical manuals (on the Hybrid DVD, as PDF files. Over 500 pages ):