NIGHT VISION and Seismic Intrusion Detection Technology

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This unique historical DVD, not available anywhere else, contains 2 informative Army films on these specialized technical topics:
KEYWORDS: IR, Starlight, Light Amplification, Thermal imaging, Acoustic Sensor, Igloo White, ADSID, HELOSID

This 1974 Army film presents a brief history of night vision devices used in warfare, the key portion of the film focuses on the Generation I and II PVS night vision devices developed during the Vietnam war. It illustrates how they work and how the 2nd Generation designs allowed the devices to be built smaller and weigh much less.
Also covered is the early portable thermal imaging cameras (including one which together with battery pack weighed over 10 lbs.!) The information presented is rather simplistic, but offers a great introduction to night vision technology and a look at some vintage light amplification equipment in actual use. (23 min.)


From 1968 through early 1973 the US military deployed an elaborate electronic sensor network in Vietnam to detect and pinpoint enemy troop and supply movements. This program, code name Igloo White, utilized a complicated set of seismic and acoustic sensors to detect and target enemy convoys or groups. Originally deployed and proven during the battle of Khe Sanh, it would eventually cost over $1 billion dollars and went on to be used extensively along the Ho Chi Minh trail and in Laos.
This DOD film from 1969 illustrates the various components of this then secret system and how they functioned together to form a cohesive electronic warfare system both at a localized point defense level or from a large scale battle area surveillance network. (30 min.)

 $5.00  Includes Shipping (within USA)