U.S. Small Arms of WWII

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This action-packed DVD, not available anywhere else, contains 4 vintage War Department films about U.S. and German infantry weapons of WW2:

-   INFANTRY WEAPONS AND THEIR EFFECT (1943) (US Army film 1960)
From .45 acp pistol to 105mm Howitzer, this WWII-era weapons familiarization film shows the use and effects all the major infantry weapons (pistol, rifles, grenades, machine guns) The M1 Garand is shown shooting clean thru a 12 inch tree trunk and still hitting its target. Then using armor piercing .30-06 ammo they proceed to fire it against a 4 inch concrete wall, and cleanly penetrate it too.
Proper use and effects of different grenade types are demonstrated, showing how each is suited to different circumstances. Next shown is the BAR rifle,.30 cal machine gun and 81mm mortar. Several types of rifle grenades are then detailed. Anti-tank weapons such as the Bazooka and 37mm anti tank gun are also shown hitting various targets and the awesome effect of each's destructive power. 28 min.

- Infantry Weapons and Their Effects (1953)
This updated color version of the above film covers a smaller numbers of weapons, detailing only the personal defensive weapons of this pre M-14 era: .45 semi-automatic pistol, .45 cal submachine gun and M2 .30 Carbine. This basic introduction to each of these weapons shows the key features, operation and firing positions for each. Fantastic footage for fans of the rare M3 submachine gun. Approx. 8 min.

- ENEMY WEAPONS : German Infantry Small Arms
This WWII War Dept. film shows the most common German infantry weapons each soldier may encounter in the field. Operation, loading and firing, and extensive disassembly procedures are shown clearly in a step by step manner. Weapons covered are: Mauser Model 98K rifle, MP40 submachine gun, MG34 and MG42 machine guns/various mountings. A real treat for military history buffs or WW2 weapon collectors. 12 min.

- AUTOMATIC WEAPONS : American vs. German
Another WWII training film on German weapons; this one focuses on familiarization of the capabilities and general accuracy of German automatic weapons versus similar American weapons. The film uses side by side firing demonstrations of both German and American guns, allowing one to see/hear both the different cyclic rates and actual burst accuracy on the target range. (Not unlike a 1940's version of the 'Box of Truth' website)
Features the MP40 vs Thompson .45 vs. M3 submachine gun. The Browning M1919A6 light machine gun vs. Browning 1917A1 machine gun vs. MG34 vs. MG42. 9 min.

BONUS FILMS -  IPhone & IPod formatted versions of each film above.
These are specially re-sized M4V files are easily copied to your Apple iPhone or iPod for convenient viewing anywhere !

The following official Field and Technical manuals (on the Hybrid DVD, as PDF files. Over 500 pages ):